Brexit: the morning after

I can still remember vividly the morning after the EU Referendum. I happened to be keeping a diary at the time. I woke at 05.00. I got up to go to the loo and went back to bed. Then I remembered that some of the referendum results would be in. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I checked the results to find, to my horror, that we had actually voted to leave the European Union! I remember feeling physically sick. I could not believe that the UK electorate had fallen for the lies of Johnson, Farage et al.

I went to the gym to get away from news about the result. After 30 minutes on the treadmill I found myself on a cross trainer watching the BBC interviewing people about the referendum! I told the man on the machine next to me that I had come to the gym to get way from that stuff. He said “They’ll be going on about it all day!” More like for the next 5 years, I thought.

The guy came to fit our smart electricity meter only to find that the signal it needed in order to send our reading to a central location wasn’t strong enough. This meant that, at the time, we couldn’t get a smart meter. I advised the guy this was by no means the biggest disappointment I had had that day, which he seemed to find quite amusing!

By lunch time the idiot David Cameron has already resigned, and the other idiot Donald Trump when asked what he thought of the Brexit vote said he though it was a great idea!

I spent the whole day in low grade depression about the referendum result. Fortunately, it didn’t deter me from making a significant advance with my speech for my daughter’s wedding, which was a few days later.


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  1. I remember arriving home from the gym the night of the U.S. elections at around 6 pm. I’d had a sinking feeling all day. Deciding that I couldn’t stomach the trickling in of results and accompanying inane commentary I left TV, radio and computer off.

    By 8:30 the deafening silence let me know that something horrible must be going down. In my neighborhood, Hillary winning a key state would have triggered whoops and cheers. There were no cheers. At 9 pm I steeled myself to turn on the radio. Disbelief, nausea, anger, despair.

    I still have fantasies that it is just a bad dream and hope to wake up. It’s a nightmare all right, but not the kind you can escape from.

    So I feel your pain.


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