Giving the Banya a Body Swerve

People on holiday sometimes take part in activities that they would never consider doing at home. The young, and occasionally the young-at-heart, sometimes volunteer for really quite scary stunts like bungee jumping, abseiling or sky diving.  Wosog (Wife of Son of Groucho) and I are going to visit Russia for a river cruise. Included in the itinerary are several sedate activities like visits to museums, cathedrals and Moscow by night, as well as an evening at the ballet in Saint Petersburg. An optional excursion is a visit to a Russian banya, as detailed in this wee video. Wosog tried to persuade me to go, but it really doesn’t appeal to me!

It seems London has got the banya bug, if the Banya Number 1 Russian Bath Club is anything to go by. Apparently a typical visit lasts 3 hours! Various packages are available and annual membership is a mere £990. I suppose this is small change if you are a London-based Russian oligarch.


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  1. I’ve done the full Turkish hammam experience-2 or 3 times. Absolutely wonderful and you just have to forget you are British as you shed your clothes.


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