From Russia with Love 5

Date: 12 July 2017 Location: Viking Akun on the River Volga on the way to Yaroslavl We are due to arrive at the city of Yaroslavl around 08.00, but I am awake at 04.00 thinking about Brexit! One of the things about cruising is that you are more or less forced to talk to people…

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From Russia with Love 4

Date: 11 July 2017 Location: Viking Akun on the River Volga on way to Uglich. After another pleasant breakfast we assembled at 09.00 to have a 1 hour lecture on the history of the Romanov dynasty. Well done, but a lot to take in! Around 10.30 we passed the bell tower of a church that…

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From Russia with Love 1

Our first day in Moscow. The weather very overcast: cold, wet and generally miserable! We had a very pleasant breakfast on the boat followed by the compulsory safety drill at 10.00. We got a chance to look silly wearing bright orange life jackets. We chatted with the couple in the room across from ours.

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To Russia with Love

This is the first of a series of posts about our River Cruise in Russia. I plan to post some of my 500 or so photographs from the trip on the blog, but I have computer problems at present so they will need to follow later. I decided not to publish these posts in real time to avoid advertising the fact that we were on holiday. Welcome to Russia...

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