Brexit: a year down the line

A year after the EU Referendum and the so-called “United” Kingdom is more divided than ever. Theresa May called a snap General Election to try and get a bigger majority in parliament to push through something called a “Hard Brexit”. Nobody is quite sure what this means exactly, but it strikes fear into the hearts of so-called “Remoaners”, like myself.

As a result of GE2017 the Tories no longer have an overall majority, and they are currently trying to cobble together an alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party.

Meanwhile, the Brexit negotiations have started amidst a feeling of total chaos in the country. It is really quite irritating to Remain voters like myself when people who voted Leave complain, for example in the audience of the BBC’s “Question Time”, about how much uncertainty there is around just now! If you didn’t want uncertainty, then why did you vote for a bucket load of it?

A number of opinion polls have suggested that opinion has shifted in favour of remaining in the EU, but I am not confident this will make a difference. To be honest, if I was in charge of the European Union I’m not sure I would want Britain to remain a member!


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