Addiction is a strange thing

I heard an interview on Radio 4 the other day with Tom Chaplin, who was the lead singer with the band Keane. They suddenly became very famous around 2004-05, and went from playing to tiny crowds in obscure venues to global success. It seems Chaplin was totally unprepared for the impact of this, and started drinking excessively.

He basically lost 10 years of his life to his addictions, and is only now in recovery having had years of psychoanalysis. He almost died, and described a point in 2015 when he decided that when he woke up next day he would either head for oblivion or for recovery. He has now brought out a solo album called The Wave the songs of which explore some of the background to his psychological problems. Despite the catastrophic effect his addictions had on his life, he says he has no regrets because the experience led him to a much better understanding of himself as a person. I’m not sure if his wife has a similar view!

I have seen many people with addictions over the years: mainly to alcohol, heroin or benzodiazepines. I have seen alcoholics,both of whose parents died of alcohol excess, heading down the same road themselves to the amazement and consternation of their relatives. It is often difficult to understand what they get out of their addiction, and how another bottle of vodka or dose of heroin can be worth so much more than their health or their relationships.

Humans are such peculiar creatures…


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