Date: Thursday 23 August 2018

Location: Viking Baldur on River Main

Today we had a leisurely morning. The ship docked at Freudenberg. We had a brief look round this little town before getting a bus to Miltenberg at 14.45.

Freudenberg 7 Freudenberg 6

Miltenberg is a really well preserved medieval town with numerous half timbered buildings. The bottom levels are all made of sandstone in view of the town’s history of severe flooding.

Miltenberg 11 Miltenberg 10 Miltenberg Flooding

We had a guided tour of Miltenberg, which was very interesting. We took lots of pictures of the various buildings, including the Hotel Zum Reisen, one of the oldest hotels in World.

Hotel Zum Reisen

We eventually arrived back at the boat, which was moored at Wertheim, around 18.30.

We had a briefing at 19.00 then went for our dinner at 19.15. We met up with 2 couples that we had talked to earlier in the cruise. One of them is American. The other couple is an American married to a Canadian. The meal was followed by a general knowledge quiz in teams which was good fun. Unfortunately, we didn’t win. We all got pretty drunk and retired to bed—some earlier than others.


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