Date: Thursday 30 August 2018

Location: Viking Magni moored in Vienna.

Today we woke up moored in the Austrian capital. We went on a tour of the city, seeing statues of Mozart, Johann Strauss, and Goethe as well as the

Mozart Statue
Goethe Statue

Austrian Parliament (surrounded with scaffolding) and the amazing, enormous Vienna town hall. We saw the horses of the Spanish Riding School and the beautiful buildings of the Museum Quarter.

Spanish Riding School 1
Spanish Riding School 2

We were led through the city on foot to the St Stephen’s Cathedral, which, predictably, had more scaffolding!

St Stephen's Cathedral 1
St Stephen's Cathedral 2
Finishing Touches Monochrome

We had the opportunity to get a bus back to the ship at 12 noon, but we decided to see more of the city. We had coffee near the cathedral, then walked back towards the museums etc. We took quite a lot of photographs then had a pleasant lunch of a chicken salad. Wosog had a glass of wine and I had a black beer. We finally walked back to the ship, which took around an hour. We have now decided to come back to Vienna on a city break in the next few years.

Around 100 of the passengers had decided to go to a special concert of music by Mozart and Strauss. We decided not to go.


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